Demet AKALIN  "Demet ve Alişan" Offical Jewelry Sponsor (Program was ended.)



Demet Akalın Küpesi, Demet Akalın Takıları, Demet Akalın Kolyesi






Işıl REÇBER & Çiğdem BATUR "Kuaförüm Sensin" Offical Jewelry Sponsor (Program was ended.)



Işıl Reçber Küpesi, Işıl Reçber Kolyesi, Işıl Reçber Takıları, Çiğdem Batur Kolyesi, Çiğdem Batur Taç, Işıl Reçber Taç









Ebru AKEL with "Kendine İyi Bak" Offical Jewelry Sponsor (Program was ended.)



Ebru Akel Küpeleri, Ebru Akel Kolyeleri, Ebru Akel Bileklikleri, Ebru Akel Küpesi, Ebru Akel ile Kendine İyi Bak Küpeleri









Özge ULUSOY with "Hayat Güzeldir" Offical Jewelry Sponsor (Program was ended.)



Özge Ulusoy Takıları , Özge Ulusoy Küpeleri, Özge Ulusoy Kolyeleri , Özge Ulusoy Hayat Güzeldir Küpeleri

Didem Arslan Küpeleri, Didem Arslan Kolyeidem Arslan Yılmaz Vazgeçme Küpeleri







2019 - 2020 1. Season Doya Doya Moda Jewelry Sponsor

( TV8 )





2019 - 2020 1. Season Doya Doya Moda TV8 - we presented the products of our jewerly sponsor brand to the competitors so that they can be used as alternative products in the backstage store. Especially during the Pandemic period, which affected the whole world, all the competitors used the most stylish Axesua Earring models of the period in the program. Successful contestants such as Su Baher, Emel Başkan, Ferdanur Başaran and Betül Böçkün made their accessory choices from Axesua and participated in the scoring against the jury.



TV Program and Series Sponsorships contact: [email protected]


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