-Will there be discoloration or darkening on the jewelry I bought?


Axesua's jewelery has a premium finish. Therefore, when it comes into contact with chemical substances (such as cream, perfume, soap, detergent, shampoo), it does not darken, does not fade, does not fade and is durable for a long time.


-Can I swim in the sea or in the pool with the jewelry I bought?


Since sea water contains salt, pool water contains chlorine and chemicals, it is not recommended to use your jewelry for a longer period of time.


-My skin is very sensitive, does your jewelry cause allergies?


None of our jewelry contains nickel, lead, cadmium and similar substances that harm the body or contain carcinogenic substances. All of our jewelry is produced in accordance with European Union standards. Therefore, you can safely use our jewelry and gift it to your loved ones.


-Are the Product Photos representative? Will the product I see in the photo come?


All photos of our jewelry were taken by us. It is not a representative photo. The products you see in the photo will be sent.





When will my order be shipped?


Since all of our products are in stock in our warehouse, they are delivered to the cargo within 48 hours. There is no shipping on weekends. (Depending on the order density, delivery time may take 3-4 days at special times such as Campaign Periods, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Day.)


- When will my order be delivered?


Your orders are delivered to all over the world within 1-7 working days, depending on the distance of the country you order from to Turkey.



-What are the call center working hours?


Our Call Center, numbered 0850 840 06 16, provides service between 10:00 (gmt+3) and 19:00 (gmt+3) on weekdays and Saturdays. No Service On Sunday. You can reach us at [email protected] outside of working hours.


-My order arrived damaged/broken. What should I do?


When your order is delivered to your address by courier, be sure to check whether the outer packaging is damaged before receiving the product and have a "Damage Determination Report" prepared as soon as you see any damage. In case of any damage you notice after the delivery of the order, you should immediately contact the relevant cargo branch and ask them to prepare a "Damage Determination Report". If the cargo branch does not help you in this regard, please inform us as soon as possible.


-If my order does not arrive, can it be delivered to someone else?


All shipments are delivered to the address and the relevant person. Goods/products cannot be delivered from the cargo branch. If the recipient is not at the address, delivery can be made to a relative after checking the identity information.


-What is the shipping fee?


Worldwide shipping is $19.90. (More than $350 free)


-With which cargo are the products delivered?


It is delivered to all over the world by DHL.


-Is it possible to shop with credit cards of foreign banks?


Yes. You can shop with foreign bank credit cards. 




-Can I cancel my order?


If it has not been shipped, you can cancel your order by sending a message to us from the my account section of our site or by calling our call center at 0850 840 06 16 or by writing to our phone line at 0533 9494208. With a credit card, your refund will be reflected on your credit card within 7-10 business days, depending on the bank.

-How can I return my order?


You can return all our jewelry, except for Earring Category products, free of charge, within 14 days, if it meets the qualifications specified in the Return Policy.



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