Hygienic products such as earrings, nose ring, piercings (they can carry many diseases that can be transmitted through blood) are strictly non-refundable in terms of law and your health. (Except for Factory Defective, Defective or Damaged Products in Cargo) At this point, which we are very sensitive about, the information that these products will not be returned has been conveyed to our customers in the sales contract and on the return page.

  You can return the product you have purchased, under certain conditions, within 14 days from the date you receive it from the cargo, by applying to axesua.com from the My Account page. In this context, you do not pay any shipping fee when returning the product you want to return.



  You should wait for the customer representative to reach you after you fill out the return form for the product/products you want to return from the My Account page of our website. After your return is approved, you can send your product/products to our address together with your invoice by DHL Cargo with counter payment.  


  The product/products you want to return must be unused, the package must not be damaged, the resale feature must not be intact and must be returned with all accessories and original box, if any. 


  Returns that have been used, damaged in packaging, and not shipped with all accessories and original box, if any, will not be accepted.


  If you have the product to be returned, the promotional and campaign products given as a gift must also be returned at the same time.


  Packages sent by a different cargo company other than DHL Cargo with counter payment are not received.


  Shipments sent for return without notice will not be accepted.


  The payment to be made for the returned products is the product price, and the shipping fee you paid while creating the order is not refundable.


Important Note: If an invoice is not sent with the product, your refund will be made by deducting the total VAT Fee.

  Your return cargo will be returned to you within 7 working days after it has been accepted, received and reviewed, depending on your payment method.


The Return Form is located in the side menus on the My Account page.


For any questions on the subject, you can contact us through our communication channels on the contact page.

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