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Jewelry can have a variety that can accommodate many types with special designs for both women and men.If you like to use jewelry, you also love to use personalized jewelry.There are many different types of jewelry that are custom made for the person.Among the personalized jewelry that is generally used, the ones with letters are the most preferred ones.Lettered jewelry designs always keep their place among the most preferred personalized jewelry designs.

Letter necklaces continue to be among the most frequently used personalized accessory designs from past to present.Letter necklaces have features that every woman likes to use.With the diversity of designs, the interest in letter designs and the fact that minimal designs have become more preferred in recent years, minimal designs have started to become more popular in letter necklaces.If you are interested in personalized letter necklace designs, you should also take a look at the stone letter necklaces.In addition to the zircon-like stones used at the letter ends in necklace designs, models with evil eye beads have also become very popular.Locket necklaces with letters, produced in the form of medallions, are among the most preferred letter necklaces.At the same time, it is possible to use a special design for those who love long necklaces, thanks to the 45 cm long necklace chains.Letter necklaces are among the most stylish necklace designs that can be used individually.

Personalized Jewelry Models and Prices

Letter Bracelets are among the most popular models among personalized bracelets.Letter Bracelets are very comfortable to use, they are among the models that can be used with both stylish and sports clothes.It is also possible to find color variants of letter bracelets.Minimal letters, evil eye beads, zircon stones lettered bracelets are among the most used details.Using a letter bracelet is both a simple way to wear your favorite letter on your wrist and a good alternative when you want to wear a personal piece of jewelry.Letter Bracelets are a popular and stylish jewelry that is preferred by almost everyone.You can enjoy using your letter bracelets when going to work, school or a special meal.They create a very stylish look in any environment with comfort.

Another and very stylish personal jewelry that you can use with pleasure lately, letter rings are very fashionable.Letter rings are a very simple, very stylish and popular personal accessory.Moreover, letter rings are easy to use.Simple designs, they can be used easily in many areas, they create a style on people and appeal to all tastes.They increase the areas of use, the clothes they are compatible with and the attention.Letter rings are available with or without stones.For this reason, they can be used easily with the desired type of model according to the area to be used.


What are the Personalized Jewelry Prices?


Personal jewelry and accessories attract attention with affordable prices as well as having many different varieties.As Axesua, we not only have a wide portfolio of personal jewellery, but also offer stylish and design models that are highly resistant to external factors, at affordable prices, and with ease of payment.We bring a variety of personal jewelry, along with different and interesting models specially made for those who love to wear personal jewelry.Moreover, for all your purchases, there are installment options, easy and fast payment options, and secure payment infrastructure facilities.All your orders will be delivered to the address you will give with the contracted cargo companies between 1-3 working days.All your orders are sent in their special boxes and protected.

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