Luxury Special Series Jewelry are rhodium-plated jewelry that does not change color when you enter the pool, sea or shower.Suitable for daily use, can be worn without removing.Rhodium-plated jewelry, known to many jewelry lovers as vip earrings, vip necklaces, vip bracelets, is called the Luxury Series at Axesua.These jewelry, which are price performance products, are preferred by many jewelry lovers due to their long-term usefulness.Similar to gold models, these luxury earrings and vip earring models will make you different to those around you.These models, which are as durable as steel and work with finer workmanship, are highlighted by famous imported brands such as xuping and ysx.At Axesua, you can buy wholesale vip earrings, wholesale xuping earrings, wholesale luxury earrings and sell them under your own brand.With its most popular jewelry models, Axesua is preferred by many jewelry lovers around the world and is among the top jewelry brands thanks to its fashion jewelry models.

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