•  For all your purchases from, the shipping fee to all countries is $19.90 / £19.90 / €19.90 with YK INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS .


  • We do not have a payment service at the door.


  •  Shipping is free on all purchases of $199 / £199 / €199 or more. (excluding wholesale purchases)


  •  In all Wholesale Sales of Corporate Memberships, the Cargo Fee belongs to the buyer. It ranges from $28 to $40 depending on the size of the box.  


  • Since all of our products are in stock in our warehouse, they are shipped within 48 hours. There is no shipping on weekends. (Depending on the order density, during special times such as Campaign Periods, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Day, delivery time may take 3-4 days.)


  •  Delivery time takes place within 1-4 working days from the delivery date of your order, depending on the distance of your address from Turkey.


  • When your order reaches you, be sure to check the package for any damage before receiving it. In case of damage to the box, ask the cargo officer to issue a "Damage Determination Report" without signing a delivery document and return the package to the cargo officer with the report.


  • The stock control of the products on our site is constantly carried out by our online service team. If there is an instant stock problem in the products in your order and cannot be supplied, you will be informed by contacting the phone number in your membership information and you will be quickly refunded to the account you want.


  •  Your order is under AXESUA guarantee until it is delivered to you by the cargo company.
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