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Bracelets can be mentioned as jewelry, which is frequently used by many people in daily life.Bracelets, which can be used by women and men, are an accessory that women attach great importance to in terms of jewelry.Bracelet models are designed as silver, gold, knitted and leather.While gold and silver bracelets are mostly used for special occasions and organizations such as invitations, knitted bracelets and leather bracelets are generally preferred to create a stylish look in daily life.

New Season Bracelet Models

Many accessories, from bracelets to rings, from necklaces to earrings, are also frequently used in jewellery, with gold, white and yellow colors.This season, gold color attracts attention especially in bracelet models.In addition, it will be possible to mention that metal bracelets and bracelets with stones are preferred and attracted by women in the new season.Wristband prices, which have different designs and models for each budget, vary a lot at this point.Especially if gold-colored designs are adorned with stones such as diamonds, rubies, gemstones and pearls, unusually frequent models may emerge, and there will be a slight increase in the prices of these model bracelets in direct proportion to the price of the precious stones.

Unlike this, among the trending models in the new season, knitted bracelets and leather bracelets are highly preferred in daily life, and their prices can be considered quite affordable compared to bracelet models with precious stones.

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